SKILLS ACT 4 VET : TEST for Student
To better describe yourself, the test requires your full attention.
Before taking the test, make sure you are in a quiet space, and you have time and a good internet connection. The test will take at least half an hour and can only be done once.

This test has been designed to evaluate the soft skills developed during an internship experience abroad.
Thinking about your recent experience abroad, respond as sincerely and spontaneously as possible, trying to think about your usual behaviour during the internship. Remember that there are no right or wrong answers but only correspondences or differences between the statements and your way of being.

For the test to be valid and usable, you have to answer all the questions.
As you will see, the test consists of 2 parts:
1) Statements: a set of statements that describe behaviours or ways of being. You need to indicate how close or far each statement is from your real way of being and behaving during the internship
2) Situations: a set of situations that describe two different behaviours. You need to indicate how close you feel to one of the two statements

Follow the instructions for each part.

Have a good job!
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