Community Rail Traffic Survey - Wisconsin Rapids/Wood County
There is an effort in place to improve transportation mobility, reduce congestion, noise, pollution and safety issues at rail crossings.  This survey will help choose the best solution in your community. 
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What are you concerns regarding rail traffic?
In the past 30 days.  How many times have you been stopped by blocked rail crossing?
What is the LONGEST time that you waited at a rail crossing?
What is the TYPICAL time that you wait at rail crossing?
Have you been late for, or missed,
an appointment/event/school due to a train blockage?
When approaching an intersection blocked by a train, have you turned around, used neighborhood streets or tried to beat the train to an unblocked at-grade crossing to avoid being delayed? *
Have you altered travel plans due to rail crossing (i.e., left early or later,
took a different route, etc.)?
What transportation do you use most?
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Do you feel rail and truck traffic is important to the local economy?
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What cities do you travel in and encounter rail delays?
E-mail address for updates and news regarding train study in Wisconsin Rapids (optional).
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