Event Coordinator Application
Conway EcoFest Coordinator Job Description 2018

Conway EcoFest desires to have a services contractor with background and skills in event planning and coordination. Strength in communications, administrative work, logistics planning and implementation. Abilities, Connections and interest in Nonprofit work plus Sustainability festival planning and/or Environmental work is a plus.

Description of services:
-- Ensure effective partnership to meet Conway EcoFest 501C3 Nonprofit legal and ethical standards.

-- Meet with CEF Board for cohesive execution of annual outdoor environmental festival. October 2018. Details of how and when will be discussed and agreed upon in advance of contract.

-- Develop and foster partnerships to ensure research, projects, and timelines are met.

-- Attend and plan meetings to gain community, volunteer, and exhibitor involvement. This may include travel within 50 mile radius and site visits.

-- Help event planner in delegating, planning, and overseeing tasks needed to proactively execute.

-- Manage administration, development, public relations, and logistics for 2018 annual EcoFest event. To include close out of event by November 2018. Note: Digital management and communication skills required.

-- Uphold and maintain policy and procedure set within CEF Operations Manual.

-- Proactively meet timelines in CEF Operations Manual to include work day projects, development of Conway EcoFest annual exhibit projects.

-- Utilize current database of participants and acquire new vendors, exhibitors, and entertainment as needed to maintain max. Number of participants at Conway EcoFest.

-- Follow approved budget and meet with Board for exceptions proactively. Maintain monthly financial paperwork.

-- Compensation, payments, reimbursement will be discussed detailed during meeting in February 2018.

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