Demco/Betty Barkema School Library Improvement Grant 2019
The purpose of this grant is to provide library furniture, supplies, and materials necessary to create a stimulating learning environment. The amount of the grant is $5,000 in product from Demco, Inc., the grant sponsor. Applicants must be CSLA members.

Supporting material is required. Provide the following documents:
a. A support statement from the site library advisory committee, signed by all members.
b. A support statement from the site principal, a teacher, and two students.
c. A copy of the site library plan.
d. Five photographs of the current library showing each angle of the facility.
e. Images of the budgeted items.

Email the supporting material to, or fax them to 888-655-8480.

The recipient will be expected to attend the CSLA Annual Conference at the Pacific Palms Resort, and will receive the award at the luncheon on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2019. Costs associated with this attendance are not included in the grant.

Nominations are due by JUNE 30, 2018. If you have questions, contact CSLA at

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Provide a budget for the project, including a list of products to be supplied by Demco, Inc. (Include a reasonable estimated amount for tax and shipping, which is part of the $5,000.) *
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Describe in detail how this will serve to significantly address the needs of students and staff. *
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Does the administrator responsible for the school library support this application and certify that there are currently no plans to reduce staffing in the school library? *
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If selected, will you commit to participate as an active member of at least one CSLA committee? (See list of committees at *
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