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Woot! We look forward to your guest submission. We want to set us both up for success, so before you fill out the dets let's make sure you are a fit. Here's what we are and are NOT looking for in a guest. If after reading this, you believe you are a strong fit, please fill out the form below. If not, we wish you the best of luck in all you do!
* Everyday Innovators and leaders inside organizations (all levels) that have found an innovative way to solve a problem, create an opportunity, and/or add value. This can be anything from workflow, to product to sales, to team organization (big and small)
* Everyday Innovators and entrepreneurs that have found a super innovative product/service, way to go to market or a unique story of success (must be willing to share key elements of story, ways you were innovative)
* Top level experts in their fields that provide insight into how to be more innovative, elevate human performance and influence others (we interview pioneers in their field like Steven Kotler, NIr Eyal and Jeremy Gutsche)
* Everyday Innovators that have depth of knowledge and a unique voice in their field

* SEO/digital marketing business owners looking to expand their market
* Entrepreneurs that don't have a wildly innovative and relatable story or experience to share
* People hawking books about topics they've never done themselves in real life. Sorry, but no "thought leaders" without action to back it up
* Experts that talk about Steve Jobs, Einstein, Musk, etc. This is a podcast about innovation and human performance for Everyday Innovators, not people on the cover of Fast Company.
* People who talk in memes and platitudes.
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High level, what would Tamara interview you about that would be highly insightful to our audience? 2 - 4 sentences is fine here. *
What are 3 - 5 questions you'd like Tamara to consider asking you? *
2-4 links to articles, pdfs, video or other interviews that will help Tamara get to know the guest and deep dive into their experience and expertise. *
As the guest, I acknowledge that With Tamara is recorded and LIVE STREAMED on RESTREAM and recorded for podcast release. Hence, your podcast will air live, on the podcast at a later date (usually 3 - 6 weeks post interview) and on YouTube. All interviews are audio and video so mic, lighting and location matters. *
As the guest, I acknowledge that Tamara's style is casual, raw and uncut. She see's the podcasts as coffee conversations between two people that would tell it like it is. Tamara is high-energy and looks forward to a fun and deeply insightful conversation with you!
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