Cloth Diaper Detergent Use Survey
This is designed to compile actual user statistics for the efficacy of various detergents on cloth diapers.  If you have used multiple detergents, or washed in multiple water/washer situations, feel free to fill this out more than once.  There is an area at the bottom for any comments you may want to add.
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Detergent brand used *
(Rockin Green, Tide, Arm & Hammer etc.)
Type *
(Original, HE, Free & Clear etc.)
Formula *
Water Type *
Do you have hard or soft water?
Do you have a water softener in your home? *
Washing Machine Type *
Optional: How many diapers do you wash at a time?
Optional: How much detergent do you use per load of diapers?
Optional: What additives (if any) do you use in each load?
(Oxiclean, Calgon water softener etc.)
Optional: Describe your wash routine
Ex: cold rinse no detergent no spin, hot wash with detergent & extra rinse, tumble dry inserts, hang dry shells.
Does/did this detergent get your diapers clean and stink free? *
Did you need to do occasional "stripping" or treatment of your diapers? *
(Bleach, extra soaks, extra rinses, RLR etc.)
If yes, what issue were you having, what did you need to do, and how often?
(ex: my night time inserts were really stinky after a while so I'd do a once a month bleach)
Did you experience any damage to your diapers while using this detergent? *
Delamination, damaged elastic, fading, holes, repelling etc.
If yes, please explain.
Was it all diapers?  Just certain brands?  What damage occurred?  Were the diapers new or used?  Had this happened with other detergents?
How long did you/have you used this detergent? *
Please use this area to leave any comments you may have
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