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The aim of the Soapbox is to give you a small space to make one observation, to give recognition where it is due or even share a gripe or two about anything related to marketing. You think podcasts are a fad? Here's your soapbox. Are you obsessed with your new email platform? Here's your soapbox.

Here are a few editorial tips to keep in mind:

* Get to the point quickly. The 300-word limit is firm.
* Get people thinking. A good Soapbox opens the audience's eyes.
* Forceful and bold opinions are encouraged, but not libel. We won't run pieces that libel other individuals or organizations.

As a reminder, self-promotion will result in an automatic rejection and submissions should be publication-ready. We will not extensively edit submissions and may reject pieces altogether for excessive typos, grammatical errors and issues with readability.
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