STCG Basic Rules Feedback
Cold War wants your feedback on our basic rulebook (the one that comes in the box) before we send it off to the manufacturer!

Any kind of genuine feedback is welcome but, in particular, we're looking for:
- Typos/misspellings ("werdz speld ungood")
- Inconsistent Verbiage ("It's called this over here but it's called THIS over here.")
- Inconsistent Formatting ("You capitalize this term over here but you don't capitalize it over HERE.")
- Readability/Comprehensibility ("I have no idea what this means!")

Naturally, these are the basic rules so they are far from including every detail of the game. Much has been omitted by necessity, so think of the basic rulebook as more of an introduction than a complete tutorial.

We aren't looking for feedback on the game's mechanics or structure at this time (that sort of thing requires a more formalized process to get it right) but, hey... you do you. I'm just some text on your screen. I can't stop ya! If you would like to be involved in playtesting events for future content, though, hit us up over on the Squarriors The Card Game Facebook page and we'll make sure you know about the next one!

As you (probably) expect, any concepts, information, ideas, and/or dirty limericks that you submit via this form become the sole property of Cold War Incorporated without any promise of compensation, remuneration, and/or back rubs in any form. If, however, your feedback is deemed "super-dope", "dank", and/or "totally rad" by one or more member(s) of the Cold War team, you are entitled to a brief (yet firm) handshake from each of those team members at a time and place chosen by each of those team members individually.

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