Friday Night Market Survey for Old Town Businesses
Hello, as we end our first Friday Night Market season, we thought it was important to reach out to our neighbors for feedback and input. Please, take a moment to fill out this survey. Your answers will be used as we begin planning for our next season.

We appreciate your support!

Visitor Center Staff

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In what ways did the Friday night market affect your business? *
If there was a difference in your business due to the market, how much of a difference? Please enter an approximate percentage change in sales per week. *
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Is your business normally open during the hours of the market (5-8 PM on Fridays)? *
Did you change your hours because of the market? *
Did you change your level of staffing to accommodate the market? *
If you use social media for marketing, did you share posts about the market to drive business? *
How can we better incorporate your business into the market for next year? *
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Are you interested in being invited to the stakeholder planning meeting for our 2019 season? *
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