KU Mini College | June 2021 | Preferences
Dear KU Mini Collegians,

Your devoted team of volunteers is back and determined to bring us back together, virtually!

This year we have the opportunity to explore and create a platform for KU Mini Collegians to join us wherever they are! We're thrilled at the prospect of accessibility an online presence brings. Our hope is to create this virtual experience, and as soon as we can, we plan to reunite in person - on campus - in real life! - AND continue to maintain an online presence for those that may otherwise not be able to make it to campus.

Now, we need your opinion on the game plan for KU Mini College June 2021. We are going to host 4 sessions, one per week of two lectures totaling 2-3 hours per session over the course of the month of June.

So what are your preferences? This poll will help us frame out the details as we get to work. Time of Day? Day of the week? Knowing we will be hosting this event on Zoom, will you still plan to attend?

We look forward to seeing you virtually this June!

Thank you & RCJH!

Your KU Mini College Volunteer Squad,
- Ann, Rich & Meg

P.S. Update on our previous communication! We are pursuing an endowed fund. We have been speaking with team members with endowment to get the ball rolling and we'll have more to share with you on that in the coming year!

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