2018-2019 Nikkari Family Perspective Survey
The purpose of this survey is to gather information to help Nikkari Elementary partner with parents to better educate our children. Please complete by November 21, 2018.
The school's primary focus is improving student learning. *
My student is expected to meet high standards. *
My school communicates my student's progress. *
I understand the assessment data that is sent home. *
I understand how assessment data is utilized for instruction. *
Teachers make adjustments to meet individual student's needs. *
I am satisfied with my student's progress. *
I can support my student's learning at home. *
I feel my child is safe at school. *
I feel the school has a positive learning environment. *
The adults in the school show respect to my student. *
Students in our school show respect for one another. *
School leaders show they care about my student. *
Discipline problems are handled fairly. *
I feel welcome when I visit the school. *
The school staff listens carefully when I express my opinions and concerns. *
My preferred methods of communication are: (check all that apply) *
Your feedback is valuable to us. Use this space to further elaborate on any of the responses above.
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