The Ponyville Administrative Consistency and Transparency Act Official Vote
Please select whether you approve (yay) or disapprove (nay) the following propositions. Propositions that receive majority approval by the community shall be implemented, and those that are not approved shall either be disposed of or be brought back to the drawing board.

Each proposal will be voted on independently, and then some with multiple provisions shall be voted on as per each provision.

Some proposals will have multiple iterations: if you like that iteration, please vote in favor of it. You may vote yay on any number of iterations. The one with the most yay votes, provided it reaches majority (50% +), shall be enacted. If no proposal reaches 50%+ the rule shall be sent back to the drawing board.

Thank you for your time and participation.

I. The Rules Board
A new board will be created that is not open to public posting. It shall contain the Rules, mirrored from the frontpage, but contain previous site mandates and policy changes as well, such that a clear record can be easily accessed and reviewed by the userbase.This shall also allow the staff to build a history of decisions to base new decisions on, and allow the userbase to see the consistency in the staff's actions from a much clearer perspective.
II. The Moderator's Hoofbook
We are working on a comprehensive Moderator's Hoofbook that outlines all the duties and responsibilities of a Ponyville moderator. This Hoofbook will go over our enforcement policies, our typical means of response, and give a transparent look at how we go about handling reports, issuing warnings, and interacting with the community.
III. The SFW Switch
First, a user who wants to post something slightly raunchy, perhaps content that is not quite at the level of breaking the rules but might be on the line, simply clicks a little box as they post their image that says (NSFW)Upon posting this post, everything functions as normal: there is no big SPOILER cover that comes up, nothing like that. However - if a user elects to go to their options and flick the SFW switch, posts that have been tagged with the NSFW tag will disappear.This system puts the onus on both parties, both those who prefer more adult content, and those who prefer less adult content, to put in to the effort to adjusting the site to their tastes.
IV. Revisions to Penalty Policy
Behavioral Rules shall be sorted into three tiers of enforcementFirst Degree: the most serious offenses, including malicious spamming, raiding, doxxing, malicious impersonation or sockpuppeting, illegal behavior, will be met with a ban for the first offense. Users with no notable history with the site may be met with a permaban immediately, depending on the circumstances (i.e., live raid).Second Degree: lesser offenses that shall be met with a warning, followed by a ban if, 1. the behavior immediately continues within a reasonable time after the warning [i.e., warning must be seen], or; 2. if the behavior stops, but has a second occurrence within the time span of a week. 2nd Degree offenses include incredibly offensive speech, sh*tposting, and extreme hostility in conduct, baiting or goading users into conflict Third Degree: least serious offenses, including rude statements, thread derailing against OP's wishes, advertising without staff permission, and disrespectful conduct shall be met with multiple warnings, and shall be escalated only to bans if the behavior immediately continues again, or if the behavior occurs multiple times from the same user over a reasonable period of time, or if the behavior causes enough disturbance on the site to warrant substantial staff attention (i.e., more than once a week). As more rules are added, considered, and discussed, they shall be organized into the degree system as is necessary.
V. Order of Bans, (Iteration 1)
Excluding First Degree rule violations, bans shall generally escalate in this order. If a ban is given that does not escalate in this order, again excluding First Degree rule violations, that ban must be thoroughly explained by the issuing staff member such that the public can understand that reasoning. 1st Ban: 2 Hours - 4 Hours2nd Ban: 1 Day - 3 Days3rd Ban: 1 Week - 2 Weeks4th Ban: 1 Month - 1 Year, or Permaban, depending on circumstances and potential discussion with user5th Ban: 6 Months - 1 Year, or Permaban
V. Order of Bans, (Iteration 2)
Same as the above, but more lenient: after 3rd Ban, probationary period of 3 months permitted, in which if the user commits no further offenses of any kind, the ban is reversed to 2nd Ban, allowing user to receive 3rd ban again and thus another probationary period. 4th Ban and beyond implemented only if user fails to follow terms of probation.
VI. Report Escalation and Increase Scrutiny
The increase scrutiny standard shall be taken and modified from the 3P1 Political Drama policy currently found on /arch/ - if you report, the post you reported shall be weighed more heavily against that poster than if a staff member had stumbled upon that offending post on his or her own.
VII. The Revised Rules of Behavioral Conduct, Generally - Do You Want the New Rules, or Some Iteration of the New Rules?
VII. Rule 1. Please keep posts generally respectful towards others;
VII. Rule 2. Do not post in a thread for the purpose of being rude or inciting trouble;
VII. Rule 3. Do not derail a thread intentionally. Please generally be respectful to the current topic and atmosphere of the thread. If an OP asks you to stop derailing, please do so;
VII. Rule 4. Please do not engage in advertising or promotion of any kind without first contacting site administration. Pony fanart, stories, music are generally acceptable.
VII. Rule 5. Please do not act with extreme hostility towards any user, this includes all manner of insults, threats, and name-calling;
VII. Rule 6. Version 1: Do not bait or goad another user into engaging in rule-breaking content. In the event of such an occurrence, both the baiting user and baited user shall be found in violation of this rule. The baited user has a responsibility to not rise to the bait, as well;
VII. Rule 6. Version 2: Do not bait or goad another user into engaging in rule-breaking content. In the event of such an occurrence, the baiting user shall be found in violation of this rule. The baited user shall only be in violation of this rule if the user, after receiving warnings from staff not to engage, chooses to ignore such warnings and engage with the bait instead of reporting or informing the staff. Purposefully allowing oneself to be baited, after being given fair warning by staff, shall constitute a violation of this rule;
VII. Rule 6. Version 3: Do not bait or goad another user into engaging in rule-breaking content. In the event of such an occurrence, the baiting user shall be found in violation of this rule. The baited user shall receive a Second Degree penalty, instead of a Third Degree penalty, if and only if the user has received previous warnings not to engage with bait threads or posts.
VII. Rule 7. Do not post content of an aggressively, ironically, or trollishly poor quality, designed to derail discussions, or otherwise make the site unusable or intolerable to our regular community;
VII. Rule 8. Do not post threads or posts that are deliberate provocations to certain users, or deliberate provocations concerning the topics of Race, Religion, Nationality, Political Opinion, or Membership of a Particular Social Group;
VII. Rule 9. Malicious spamming or raiding, on and off site, are disallowed. Do not encourage spamming or raiding any other community;
VII. Rule 10. "Doxxing" and sharing of others' personal information against their will is disallowed;
VII. Rule 11. All content that is illegal under the law of the United States is expressly and absolutely prohibited on;
VII. Rule 12. Malicious impersonation, or sockpuppeting, is strictly disallowed, i.e., pretending to be another user to manipulate a discussion or hurt their credibility.
VIII. The Revised Rules of Adult Content, Generally
Do You Want the New Rules, or Some Iteration of the New Rules?
VIII. Rule 1. Version 1. Posting risque and suggestive content is permitted in moderation;
VIII. Rule 1. Version 2. Suggestive content is generally permitted, but obscene content is not;
VIII. Rule 2. Version 1. Please do not post content depicting anatomic genitalia, either real or imaginary, gore, extreme violence;
VIII. Rule 2. Version 2. Please do not post content depicting pornography, gore, or, extreme violence, either real or imagined;
VIII. Rule 3., Version 1. Content that concerns sexual fixations that differ from those typical to the general populace and is also offensively obscene to the reasonable person is disallowed; [Default Rule]
VIII. Rule 3., Version 2. Please keep fetishistic content to a minimum; sexually charged posts, or posts in threads with sexual themes, that accompany potentially fetishistic images shall be removed, and the user reprimanded; [Strict Rule]
VIII. Rule 3., Version 3. Please do not post fetishistic content that crosses the line into being sexually charged; [Lenient Rule, permits more general images that may involve fetishes]
VIII. Rule 3., Version 4. Please do not post fetishistic content that alludes to a sexual nature; [Strict Rule]
VIII. Rule 3., Version 5. Content that concerns sexual fixations offensively obscene to the reasonable person is disallowed [Modified V 1, Less Strict]
VIII. Rule 3., Version 6. Content that concerns sexual fixations commonly accepted as being "fetishes" are not allowed if it is sexually charged, including innuendo. [Semi-Strict]
VIII. Rule 4. Posting of sexually charged content, designed for and appealing to a predominantly sexual interest, that involves people or imaginary characters under the age of 17, or assumed to be under that age by a reasonable person, is prohibited.
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Would you support a far harsher stance on what constitutes "sh*tposting?"
Would you support greater restrictions on "anonymous" users?
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