Kahoy Kustom Rx Lens Questionnaire
Do you need progressive or bifocal lenses? *
If answer is YES, we are not able to fill these type of Rx lenses, do not fill out the rest of the form . If answer is NO, continue to fill out form, because we only fill Single-Vision Rx lenses.
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Will prescription (Rx) be used more for.... *
Did you take your eye exam within the past year? *
We only fill Rx lenses if your eye exam and eyeglass prescription was taken within the past calendar year.
What is your Pupillary Distance (PD) measurement?
We require your (binocular) PD measurement to finalize your Rx lens. If it is not on your Rx form, you can get your PD measured at any optometrist for free or online (a quick google search will do the trick) using your webcam. Your PD measurement should be between 41-80 and if your Rx form has two numbers just add them up for your PD measurement. For example, if your PD on your Rx form says 32/33, then 65 would be your PD measurement.
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Did you upload your Rx form? *
We highly suggest scanning your Rx with a printer then uploading it in a JPG or PDF format. We can also accept a picture from your phone if it is legible and clear.
What material do you want your lenses *
Hi-Index lenses are more lighter and thinner in nature and used more commonly for higher eyeglass prescriptions. We use Hi-Index Lenses for any Rx above +2.00 or below -2.00. We use Polycarbonate lenses for lower eyeglass prescriptions that are between +2.00 to -2.00.
Do you want Polarized Rx lenses? If so, which color?
Polarized lenses are an additional charge.
Do you want transition lenses? If so, which color?
These lenses darken when exposed to UV light (sunlight). Transition lenses are an additional charge.
Is there any special instructions, or specific questions you might have, please leave here.
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Order # (If applicable)
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Frame Name & Color
If do not know or have not decided, that's fine.
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Our lenses are Non-refundable because they are MTO (Made-to-order) *
We only take refunds for frames only, not lenses. Kahoy provides 90 DAYS FRAME WARRANTY (no warranty on accidental damages). We cover manufacture defects only. We also have a 90 day FRAME REDO policy as well (if Rx is wrong then we can redo them)
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