Astropark Trading Services
Hi dear,

thanks for reaching out and find time and interest in my services!

If you like, you can have access to my:
1. crypto analysis channel (my swing and scalp trades: BTC, ETH, Altcoins)
2. FOREX, indexes, commodities analysis channel
3. 8 bot signals channels (algo trading, crypto swing trading, vwap crosses, money flow, sniper scalper, renko scalper, renko strategy x 2) + any new one I will start in the future based on new strategies/indicators I create
4. educational content:
4.1. my posts and my charts are very educational
4.2. EDU videos related to TA lessons and/or how to use my indicators and/or market review on how a specific price action should have been traded (so you get ready for next time)
4.3. slowly but surely I will transfer to you all my knowledge and I will answer more deeply your edu requests (probably with an edu video)
5. access to all my current and future tradingview indicators and strategies
6. premium chat: ask questions, interact with other traders, enjoy

At this link you can see a summary of my indicators and strategies:

Monthly fee:
- 100€ if you want to pay with PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer
- discount price of 100$ if you want to pay with crypto currencies, like in USDT, BTC, ETH

Here my address for:
- ETH / BNB: 0x091b541a6dd6fe08c4e7bd909baafb2fce9b975e
- USDT / USDC / BUSD (both Ethereum ERC20 and BSC-BEP20 networks): 0x091b541a6dd6fe08c4e7bd909baafb2fce9b975e
- USDT (Tron-TRC20 network): TC7Qowh6ZZPsXWwE9VyJZrZzM2c8izk4Td

Here my contacts:
- Email:
- Telegram:
- Twitter:
- TradingView:
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