Clinton School International Public Service Project - Proposal Form
Please submit the information requested below to have your organization and project(s) be added to the list of potential International Public Service Project (IPSP) opportunities for Clinton School students. The list of projects will be made available to students late December. The deadline for an organization to submit a project opportunity is December 6, 2019. Students need to confirm their project selections by the end of February 2020.

Please note that all students will complete their International Public Service Projects between May and August 2020.

Host organizations must commit to the following four requirements:

1) Provide Organizational Support: Community or organizational needs and goals should drive the development of your project(s). You should have a fairly clear idea of what you want accomplished through the projects. You should have a physical location/space available for the student to complete their work.

2) Provide a Project Supervisor: Field partners are asked to provide an on-site project supervisor who is fully involved in the project providing supervision, mentoring and continuous feedback.

3) Provide a Project Orientation: Field partners must provide students with a thorough orientation to the project(s), organization, and community.

4) Complete an Assessment: At the end of the project, field partners must submit a brief assessment of student performance and provide general feedback about the project. This will be sent by Clinton School staff to the project supervisor.

If you have any questions, contact Tiffany Jacob, Director of International Programs and Outreach
Email: Skype:, Phone: +1 501-683-5624 and WhatsApp: 608-358-0753
Can your organization commit to the four requirements stated above? *
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