Literal Equations and Dimensional Analysis
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After watching the Yay Math video on this concept, take this quiz to see how much you've learned! See the results right when you're done, AND, there's even an option to send the results to an email of your choice. Good luck, no pressure, and YAY MATH!

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Please solve the following equations, for the specified variable.
y = m – a (solve for m) *
1 point
y = m – a (solve for a) *
1 point
ab = c + d (solve for a) *
1 point
x = 4 + c/y (for c) *
1 point
Captionless Image
3m + 2c = m + 6 (for m) *
1 point
bx = cx + m (for x) *
(Hint: get all the x values on the left, then factor x out. In other words, do the Distributive Property, except in reverse order.)
1 point
The formula for the volume of a cone is A = ⅓πr²h. Please solve for h. *
1 point
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