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IE: "The Big Bang Theory", "Avengers: Age of Ultron"
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Description *
What happened?  The more specific the better. Excellent ("Samantha, played by Emma Stone, is buying flowers from a Korean male vendor, and she remarks disgustedly to her father that "it all smells like fucking kimchi.").  Not-so-great ("This show makes fun of Asian people.  THE END.")
Timestamp of Offense *
Tell us where in the media the offense happens.  Excellent (Offense happens at 45:05 in the movie), Great (At around 20 minutes in).  If you don't know, at least mention some dialogue so we can look up the transcript and find where it happened.  If we don't know when it happened, we may not be able to cover it.
can be DD/MM/YY, MM/YY, or just YY; ie: 2015
Anything Else?
IE: the Episode if it’s a TV show.  A media URL is there’s a video clip or relevant image.
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Do you have an email where we can contact you if we have questions?  We'd like to give you attribution when we publish on Kulture- send us your handle or initials.
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