Employee Info 2019-2020
This information will be used by GHS Administration to contact you after school hours or to contact you in the case of an emergency or urgent situation. It will also be used to order you a school T-shirt and make a sign for your room with your degree info on it. It will not be made public or shared with staff.
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What degree do you hold from a university? *
What university is your 1st degree from?
If you have any other degrees, please list them and the University's name(s) here.
If someone wanted to bring you something special to eat, what do you like to eat? For instance, fruit, cookies, brownies, cheesecake, Diet Coke, Dr Pepper, etc. *
If someone wanted to bring you a small gift, what types of things do you like? For instance, Starbucks coffee, manicure gift card, hobby ideas, movie tickets, etc. *
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