Fair coverage and reimbursement for tele-health therapy sessions
During this time of COVID-19, PsiAN is gathering information on insurance plans that are not full covering tele-mental health. Perhaps they are failing to cover tele-health therapy sessions at all or requiring that any tele-therapy be conducted through proprietary, exclusive networks.

Please complete this survey, focusing on ONE health insurance plan at a time. If you've encountered issues or obstacles with more than one plan, please return and complete the survey again for each additional plan.
Are you or your patients aware of insurance plans that offer:
If YES to any of the above, please fill out the following information:
Plan type:
Name of Employer/Plan Sponsor:
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Name of claims administrator (for ex, Anthem, BCBS-Illinois, UMR, etc):
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Health plan issued in which state (where the health plan is underwritten/purchased, not necessarily where the patient lives):
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How do you know this information about the insurance plan?
Are you in-network or out-of-network with your patient's insurance plan?
Regarding this insurance policy, does it cover out-of-network mental health services in general?
Your work setting
What else should we know about this insurance plan, or its issues with covering tele-health therapy?
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If you have a copy of the insurance plan or documents showing these restrictions, please email them to info@psian.org. (Be sure to remove any patient names or protected health information first.)
How can we contact you if we have questions?
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