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STEP​ ​1​ ​–​ ​Intro​ ​&​ ​Trial​ ​Period​. Please see our website for additional information regarding what we expect of you and what you can expect of us during your trial period (Step 1). Complete​ ​the​ ​following​ ​information.
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REFERENCES: You must provide three (3) references. Two must be work-related, and one can be personal or professional, but at least one needs to be someone who has seen you work with children. Include First and Last Name, Title/Relationship to You, Phone Number, and Email for each reference.
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EMERGENCY CONTACT: Please provide the following information: contact name, relationship to you, and phone number. *
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I acknowledge that Mo’ Motion, Inc. will perform a Google search of all coaches in Step 1. Please note that this is part of the background and reference check. We will ask you to provide your personal data for a background check (at no cost to you) in Step 2 if you pass Step 1. *
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