Smartcity: How Big Data Reinvent HK Future Conference
Conference Feedback, Evaluation Questionnaire
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a) Conference Content
b) Conference Timing
c) Registration Process
d) Venue
e) Food & Beverage
f) Electronic Direct Marketing (eDM)
g) Event Management
h) MCs’ Performance
i) Helpers’ Performance
Q3) Does the conference fulfill your reason for attending? *
Q4) Please tick the presentations which were of the most useful to you? (You can pick multiple presentations) *
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Q6a) Would you support Lingnan University to continue organize such kind of Knowledge Transfer Conference or Summit to Community? *
Q6b) What topics/areas you would like to attend? (Can pick more than one)
Q7) What are the courses you would like to attend in future if Lingnan University, Smart City Consortium, major ICT Vendors and HK Infrastructure/Utility Company are going to held (Can pick more than one) *
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