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PAYMENT: Tutoring is free up to 3 hours per week, per tutee, per subject. For any hours above the limit, you will have to pay your tutor directly at the rate of $12/hour or $15/hr for Engineering tutors. Any more than three hours per week is by arrangement with your tutor and is paid for by the tutee. Please be in touch with the Tutor Clearinghouse if you go over this limit.

It is recommended that you do not request a tutor unless you intend to work with them on a regular basis. Tutors who are assigned to students who do not access their resources may cancel that match in order to work with students who are more eager to receive academic support.

If you have submitted a regular tutor request, you may be matched twice. Let us know if this happens. Also let us know if you want to cancel/deactivate on of these requests.

This form is for one-on-one tutoring. Study groups are separate entities from this. "Specific Matches" will only occur when both tutor and tutee have requested each other. i.e) your tutor will have to submit "Request for a Specific Tutee" before the next step.

This form is designed for ONE tutor request. PLEASE submit individual requests for each course. PLEASE DO NOT send duplicate requests. Sending two requests for the same course will only delay the match process, not expedite it.

The goal of the Tutor Clearinghouse peer tutoring program is to help students learn course-specific information. Additionally, we want students to become pro-active, empowered, and accountable learners. Tutors are not meant to re-deliver lectures; it is their job to provide guidance and learning opportunities by sharing strategies appropriate to the course being studied as a means to help students learn the course material and prepare for tests and examinations. It is the obligation of the Tutor Clearinghouse staff to try to recruit a tutor for you if one is not immediately available. This, however, does not guarantee you will receive a tutor in a timely manner.

MATCH NOTIFICATION: The match is not official and you should not begin tutoring until both you and your requested tutor come into our office TOGETHER during TC office hours (MON 2-3:30pm, TUES 1:30pm-3:00pm, WED 10:30-12, THURS 9-10:30am, FRI 10:30-12p). This policy is required for all specific matches where the tutor is to be paid by the college.

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NOTE: In order to request a tutor through the Tutor Clearinghouse, you must be an UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT. If you are not an undergrad but would like to request a tutor, please e-mail us. We will try to accommodate you the best we can.
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IMPORTANT: Be sure the tutor you are requesting has filed the corresponding Specific Tutee Request Form. They can find this form at dartgo.org/specifictutee. Your match will be delayed if both forms, from tutor and tutee, are not received. You will also need to come in together for a specific match meeting to finalize your match.
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Responses to the following questions are used solely for the purpose of collecting demographic data at the end of the term and have no bearing on your request. This allows the Tutor Clearinghouse to identify any demographic(s) that are unable to utilize, or, are underutilizing our resources. In turn, this helps our outreach efforts to any demographic that may be unable to use our resources. Our overall goal is to be accessible to all students on campus. We appreciate your consideration in providing the appropriate information.
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Also, feel free to email Tutor.Clearinghouse@DARTMOUTH.EDU
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Peer Tutoring Participation Agreement
IMPORTANT!! Your tutor will ONLY be compensated for tutoring hours once the OFFICIAL MATCH has been made by the Tutor Clearinghouse Staff and when both tutor and tutee have come in to be approved by Holly Potter, Tutor Clearinghouse Director, or Preetha Sebastian, Peer Tutoring Program Coordinator.

Contact your tutor within a week of your match. Attend your tutoring sessions ready to work. Always tell your tutor if you cannot meet or will be late. If your tutor does not show up for a session, wait fifteen minutes before leaving; if this happens more than twice, contact the TC and Holly Potter. Clearly communicate with the TC regarding any concerns or need for a re-match. Notify the TC immediately if you no longer need a tutor.

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