Window Cleaning Business and Industry
Thank you for taking the "Window Cleaning Business and Industry" survey. Each survey answered completely is considered an entry to win a Phaser WF system and a 35' Triple Crown Silver pole. One response per survey. Answers are kept confidential and not shared outside of abc. Good luck!
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What state do you run your business out of?
Has your business revenue increased or decreased over in 2018 compared to 2017? Please choose the closest answer.
What is the biggest factor in how much your business revenue changed?
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What are some goals you have for your WC business this year?
What is the biggest challenge that your business currently faces?
What type of window cleaning does your business deal in?
Do you find Window Cleaning conventions and trade events worthwhile?
What events does your company attend?
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What is your most effective marketing channel?
What is your least effective marketing channel?
Check the boxes of marketing options that you are actively using/ pursuing this year:
Would you be interested in speaking with us further about your WC business marketing efforts?
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