Proclamation Request Form
A proclamation congratulates, honor or recognizes a person or non-profit organization associated with the Borough of Manhattan. You or your organization may submit a request once per year.

Proclamations can be requested for centennial birthdays or retirement from careers in service to the city lasting more than 15 years. Service positions include Department of Education teachers/principals/etc., college presidents, law enforcement officers, and leaders of volunteer organizations.

For non-profit organizations or buildings, proclamations can be requested for milestone anniversaries of 50 years or beyond. These are not annual, but can mark organizations’ continued contributions at 50, 75, 100, or 200 years and beyond.

After you submit your request, it will go through an internal review and approval process. Please submit your request four to six weeks before it is needed to allow adequate time for your request to be considered. Our office reserves the right to edit, rewrite, or deny any proclamation request. If a proclamation has been issued in the past, a new request still needs to be submitted each year.


Gale A. Brewer
Manhattan Borough President

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