VT Entrepreneur Challenge Application
VT Entrepreneur Challenge provides teams from across campus to compete for the best business model and a chance to win up to $40,000 in cash awards and prizes! The Entrepreneur Challenge is intended to encourage students to develop ideas and support early stage business development.

Check Rules and Eligibility information in the team packet to make sure you qualify: https://goo.gl/dJKQBh
Team Information
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Submission Criteria:
Video Submission should be no more than 1 MINUTE and 30 SECONDS in length. The video link should be to your video on either Youtube or Vimeo. Make sure it's public so we can view it. The video will also be passed on to our semi-final judges as well to narrow the field down to the finalists.

The judges will use the following criteria to assess the submissions:

The viability of the market opportunity
The creativity and strength of the team’s response to the market opportunity
If the product/service meets a compelling customer need/desire
If the product/service has a sustainable competitive advantage
The financial viability of the business model
The strength of the intellectual property position
The predictability that the new venture will be successful (i.e. a sustainable, profitable business)
The strength and balance of the team
The professionalism of team documents, videos, and presentations

Therefore your video should contain at least the following information:
The problem/opportunity you are solving/providing including who has those problem and who will pay you
How you solve/provide it and how you are different than current solutions/options (usually better, cheaper, faster, etc.)

Those who are selected to move on to the semi-finals will turn in an Executive Summary that will allow for further details so use your time well in the video and don't get to caught up in the technicalities in your video.

Please email ApexCenter@vt.edu with any questions or feedback.
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