SSHS: Rent the Rock!
You can now rent the rock!! The cost of rental is $5.00 per day (1 day is from 4 pm on preceding day to 4 pm on day of reservation). Renters will be responsible for providing their own paint, and reservations are not final until money is received. There are no rain refunds. To rent the rock, please complete this form. Those wishing to rent the rock for multiple days to ensure design is kept for a certain amount of time can do so, otherwise your design will remain until the rock is painted over for the next person. For more information, please send an email to Thank you for supporting our Senior Class!!!
Who is reserving the rock? *
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Who are you reserving the rock for? (Student/Club) *
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When would you like to reserve the rock? *
Would you like to reserve the rock for multiple days? (The cost to reserve the rock is $5/day.)
I understand that I am painting something that is on school property, and the design should be considered appropriate for that venue. If the design could be considered against school and/or board policies, I understand my design will be painted over and I will not receive a refund. *
I understand my reservation for the rock will not be final until payment has been made to the front office. *
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