Steel Town Properties 2020-2021 Lease Period Interest Survey (Wait List) for South Side
Use this survey to add your name to our official wait list, let us know you are ready to make a deposit, declare your intentions on renewing your current rental, or accept an "as is" rental. Please read carefully what each option means. Don't delay getting your name on the list, our rentals go FAST and your place in line often determines if you get a rental or not.

RENEW. If you are a current tenant wishing to stay another lease period and at least one lease signer is staying for this new lease period, this option is for you. Most current tenants wishing to stay will select this option.

WAIT LIST. Select this option if you would like to have us contact you to schedule tours of our rentals. This option is for you if you are not prepared to make a deposit before an STP representative gives you a tour. Most groups select this option, including current tenants wishing to change rentals.

LEASE NOW. By-pass the wait and make sure you get what you want! You know exactly which unit you want and are prepared to make a deposit without first touring the rental with an STP representative. You do not want to consider the "AS IS" option because you are ok with a June 3rd lease start and want us to perform turnover maintenance / cleaning.

AS-IS EARLY MOVE IN. If you know the current tenants of a specific rental you wish to live in this may be a good option for you if you need to move in between May 28th and June 2nd. Please understand that in exchange for an earlier move-in, we do not perform cleaning or turnover maintenance and you would assume any tenant caused damages from the tenants you are taking over the property from. So please only select this option if you trust the current tenants of the property you are interested in. Also note that we do not show apartments with the "As is" option. You are responsible for contacting the current tenants to get a peek at the unit before committing.
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Point of Contact (POC)
PLEASE SELECT ONE MEMBER OF YOUR GROUP TO SUBMIT ONE WAIT LIST FORM. If your group submits more than one wait list form we will bump all of your group's submissions to the bottom of the wait list.

Until you become a tenant of Steel Town Properties, we require that your group submit one point of contact to communicate with us (and vice versa) in order to streamline the rental process. This POC MUST be one of the resident lease signers (I.e. co-signers / parents cannot act as POC unless they will be accompanying residents on the showings).

We strictly adhere to this policy.
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Preferred Lease Start and End Date
Our leases run from June 3rd until May 27th, however, we are gauging interest on alternate dates for future consideration.
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