PEGC Trails - 2021 Member Application
Your 2021 trails permit and membership will be valid from 1 Jan 2021 right through to 31 Dec 2021
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Names of Family Members; (Example: Spouse - Jane, Son - Jack, Daughter - Megan)
What is your preferred activity at PEGC Trails? If you do both Trail Running and MTB, select your main activity as well as 'Both'
Indemnity and Disclaimer: All participants agree to and hereby bind themselves to the following indemnity: The member undertakes and agrees to ride / run / walk all trails and use all areas entirely at his or her own risk, both in respect of personal injury and damage to and incidental to Assets. The member hereby waives and shall have no claim whatsoever against PEGC, Imbono FJA, Dormakaba any landowners or organiser hereinafter referred to as parties, in respect of any injury, loss or damage that the member may suffer arising from any injury to the person or damage to property of the member, caused directly or indirectly by the negligence, albeit gross or otherwise, of one or more of the afore-mentioned parties. The member indemnifies the parties against all liability the above mentioned loss or damages and confirms that this acceptance of risk, undertaking and indemnity is also binding on his or her estate. Should the member be a minor, the parent, guardian or adult supervisor of the minor confirms that the minor is riding the trails and using all areas at his or her own risk and indemnifies the parties against claims by or on behalf of such minor and hereby indemnifies the parties in respect of any injury, loss or damage as referred to above. The member, or in the case of minor, the parent or guardian, confirms that he or she has read and understands the effort of this indemnity. All or any of the parties may accept the benefits which accrue to them in terms of this indemnity at any time after it has been signed by the participant. The member hereby undertakes to use his or her best endeavours to bring this disclaimer to the attention of all of his or her invitees and all other users as far as reasonably possible.I agree to abide by the PEGC Constitution which is available at the reception office of PEGC. *
Payment Details - R320 per person 18 and older. R550 per family max 5 (this must be immediate family - spouse / partner and children / grand children). R150 for junior under 18 yrs old. Pay to; PEGC, First National Bank, Branch 261050 Current Acc 53410045752 Ref; 'surname' Trails Send Proof of Payment to; *
Any Comments: if you make a donation and will not take part in any specific activity, fill in amount donated here (so we can identify this with your name) and indicate if you want a PEGC membership card to use in club house.
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