#WomenCrush Music - Photographer Submission Form
At #WomenCrush Music, we are always looking for photographers and videographers to donate their skills. Please fill out this form below to tell us in what capacity you are interesting in working with #WCM and/or The Crush blog. Wondering what both entails? See below!

#WCM - At #WCM, we put on showcases and events in 13 cities monthly. We are looking for photographers and videographers to capture these events. Photos used will be posted on our social media and shared with any artists/relevant attendees (if an event) to share with their followers as well. This may also include overlap working with The Crush blog if photos are needed for a recap piece of the event.

The Crush Blog - The Crush Blog is looking for photographers to capture photos of artists we are doing featured pieces or interviews on. Want to shoot portraits or live photos of artists in your area? Let us know!

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