Student Climate Survey
We want to know what YOU think about your school. This is NOT a test. There are No wrong answers. The information from the survey will help us understand what you think about your school experience.
My school is kept clean.
I like my school building. *
My school has clear rules and consequences for behavior. *
My teachers give me lots of encouragement. *
My teachers make learning interesting. *
My teachers encourage students to share their ideas about things we are studying in class. *
My teachers notice when I am doing a good job and let me know about it. *
My teachers will help me improve my work if I do poorly on an assignment. *
My teachers provide me with lots of chances to be part of class discussions or activities. *
My teachers often assign homework that helps me learn. *
My teachers will give me extra help at school outside of our regular class. *
Most students treat each other well. *
Teachers at my school treat students with respect. *
There are lots of chances for students in my school to talk with a teacher one-on-one. *
Students at this school are often teased or picked on. *
Adults in this school apply the same rules to all students equally. *
I sometimes stay home because I do not feel safe at school. *
My teachers really care about me. *
How safe do you feel outside around the school? *
How safe do you feel in the hallways and bathrooms of the school? *
How safe do you feel in your classes? *
Students have lots of chances in my school to get involved in sports, clubs, and other school activities outside of class. *
I have opportunities to express myself at my school. *
Students help decide what goes on in my school. *
My parents ask if I've gotten my homework done. *
My parents would punish me if they found out I skipped school. *
I attend an after school program at a Public school. *
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