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We are so happy that you are interested in volunteering for BEAM. BEAM runs office hours for students every Thursday, 3pm-8pm, where volunteers can work one-on-one to help students with subjects from school, applications to other programs, or other work they are doing. We also occasionally have weekend events.

We are a small (but growing) program and we want to use your time well; as a result, we may not have space to provide a good experience for everyone who wants to volunteer although we hope to provide avenues for everyone to become involved in mathematics outreach. The process for volunteering is that we ask you to complete this short form (including a reference) and we interview potential volunteers. You will also need to pass a criminal background check to work with minors.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@beammath.org. Once again, thank you so much for contributing your time to helping some great students!

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If you can help with foreign languages, please list that under "Other".
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One paragraph is fine. For example, tell us a bit about where you work, how you picked up some of the skills, or why you'd be a great role model for the kids.
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Construe this broadly. For example, you can include your own family members. Again, one paragraph is fine.
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As part of ensuring the safety of our students, we ask that you provide a reference. We would prefer a person who has seen you interacting with kids, but otherwise another person who knows you well is a great choice. Please do not list a family member or significant other.
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We will be back in touch with you shortly. Again, thank you so much for volunteering with BEAM!
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