Twitch Extension Commerce Beta Request
Please fill out all fields in this form in order to request the usage of commerce instruments within your extension. Please note that a different request will have to be filed for each extension that you would like commerce to be used in.
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This should be the email address that you wish to be contacted at should your request be approved
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Please provide the name of the extension you wish to have in this beta program. Please include the extension version number as well.
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Extension ID (Client ID) *
You can find your Client ID in the top right of the your Twitch Dev Console when viewing your Extension's versions. It should look like: "ryexpoid27nst7h3cqj3sokd4yws30"
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Description of Extension Commerce Usage *
Please let us know what you plan on doing with commerce in your extension if you are accepted into this beta. Include details like, how users would interact with it, as well as how and where payments would be processed.
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