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UPDATE: as of August 16, our 20-21 enrollment for Levels 2-6 is full. If you were hoping to enroll, please complete the available sections. Just like every year, there are always changes and I will be in touch when there are cancellations.

Remember that Level 1 is free and available to all. Details on that schedule will be determined soon and shared on our website and Facebook page. Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions at newcreationpreschool@gmail.com


On August 3, based on the level of community spread and concerns about COVID-19, the decision was made to offer remote only preschool for September 2020-January 2021. We will work closely with our local health department and health officials as we consider opening for in person preschool beyond that point. Ms Kristin has been offering online Circle Times since March (Level 1)and added take home materials in the form of Play Day Boxes (Level 2) for June-August. We are continuing to offer those services along with a few more options.

Level 1: FREE - Online Circle Time

Ms Kristin will continue to lead a weekly Circle Time on our Facebook page (also recorded for viewing at your convenience). This will be like the Circle Times that have been happening since March except that they will be recorded from our New Creation Preschool classroom! We start with the letter A in September and move through the alphabet until we reach Z in May!

Level 2: $30/month - Box of the Month + Online Circle Time

A Box of the Month will be available for local pick up or shipped to your home (shipping fee of $10/month) prior to the first Monday of each month September-May. Each Box of the Month will have materials to use all month based on our Color of the Month. Also included will be seasonal and holiday items for play and creativity. Ms Kristin will use these items during the Online Circle Times.

Level 3: $45/month - Letter Activity Packs + both of the above

Individually sealed packets of project materials and snacks following our Letter of the Week curriculum will be included in each Box of the Month. Ms Kristin will demonstrate using these items during the Online Circle Times.

Level 4: $55/month - Show and Tell Time + all of the above

Your child will be enrolled in a Zoom class with up to 6 other children and Ms Kristin. During our Show and Tell class, there will be simple songs and poems after which children will be invited to get something for Show and Tell based on the week’s Letter or theme.

Level 5: $65/month - Journal Time + all of the above

Your child will receive our classic preschool composition notebook journal personalized for your child in their first Box of the Month and be enrolled in a Zoom class with up to 6 other children and Ms Kristin. Weekly Journal Time supplies based on our Letter of the Week will be in sealed packets in your Box of the Month for use during our Journal Time Zoom class. Along with stories, songs, poems and conversation, Ms Kristin will lead children through writing and drawing practice.

Level 6: $75/month - Toy Trading Store + all of the above

Local families enrolled in Level 6 will have the option to come to an outdoor “store” managed by Ms Kristin and other teacher friends every week. Toys and materials will be chosen ahead of time, sanitized, packaged in plastic bags and placed on a table to choose from. When brought back (you choose how long you want to keep them), you can trade them for new things. Masks and physical distancing are required while we visit in person. There will not be a fee for damaged or lost items; staff will have chosen things that can be easily repaired or replaced.



DO I HAVE TO BE LOCAL TO PARTICIPATE? No. Levels 1-5 are online in the form of group Circle Times and Zoom classes which means they are open to anyone, anywhere. Take home materials can be picked up (no shipping fee) or shipped nationwide for $10/month. If you are outside of the US, shipping may cost a bit more. Level 6 is the only option limited to local families because it requires coming to our physical preschool building in Newton, KS to participate in our weekly Toy Trading Store.

HOW OLD DOES MY CHILD NEED TO BE TO ATTEND? Just like our spring and summer programming, our New Creation Preschool at Home is available to all ages. There are adults who purchase take home materials for their own enjoyment or to share with a young person in their life. There are many young elementary children who find the preschool world comforting and enjoyable. There are parents who are planning to do remote learning for their elementary age children and interested in this being a supplemental part of that. While the academic portion of the curriculum is geared for children between the typical developmental ages of 2-6, the social-emotional learning benefits all ages and abilities.

There are places on our enrollment application to write in your preferences for Zoom classes. For instance, it is likely that we will have a Kindergarten/1st grade group of kiddos who will enroll for a more advanced Journal Time Zoom class with me. There is also a group of 2-young 3 year olds who are choosing to have their own Journal Time Zoom class. Likewise, there are siblings who want to be in the same class or family friends who want to be together regardless of age, just like our on site multi age classes.

WILL I GET TO SEE MS KRISTIN AND OTHER TEACHERS IF I DO LEVEL 6? Yes. Ms Kristin and other teacher friends will be on site managing the Toy Trading Store. While this won’t be a form of instruction or organized preschool, it will be an opportunity for weekly in person connection. The store will be outside of our preschool (or in the breezeway if weather necessitates) and masks will be required.

WILL I BE CHARGED IF I LOSE OR BREAK THINGS FROM THE TOY TRADING STORE? No. There will not be a fee for damaged or lost items. Staff will be choosing items that can be easily repaired or replaced.

HOW WILL ZOOM CLASSES WORK FOR YOUNG CHILDREN? Through a couple of other programs this summer, I have led small groups of children ages 2-12 in Zoom sessions. My experience is that when the groups are small (no more than 7 children) and consistent (the same children each time), we are able to connect. The classes are short; typically only about 15-20 minutes. Participation looks different for each child. Some are glad to take a turn talking, some will prefer to listen. Some will get bored, leave and I call them back when it's their turn. Some are intent on watching each peer. All of these are forms of valuable participation, just like an in person Circle Time. Also like in person Circle Time, I see it as my job to work to keep children engaged and it is so satisfying when it works!

Upon finalizing enrollment, you will be invited to email me a photo of your child. This photo will be used for a “class photos” to help get to know each other. With each Zoom class assigned a color (Red Class, Yellow Class, etc) and the class photos, I am confident in our ability to foster and nurture connection.

CAN I CHOOSE WHO I WANT TO BE IN A ZOOM CLASS WITH? Yes. Part of this remote programming is to ease the pain and struggle of missing friends. By grouping children together with peers they miss or live far away from, this could be a social opportunity. For instance, there are cousins who live hundreds of miles away from each other who will be in a Zoom class together. You will be asked to write these preferences on the enrollment application.

ARE THE ZOOM CLASSES PUBLIC? No. Once enrollment is finalized and class times are set, you will receive private links for your weekly Zoom classes. The Zoom classes will not be live streamed. This is will help protect children's privacy and respect their often unpredictable behavior. However, you will be asked to sign an Internet Permission form so that I can share photos and stories of our times together. I predict a lot of sweet moments that the world will benefit from seeing!

IF I ENROLL IN BOTH LEVELS 4 AND 5, WILL THE SAME CHILDREN BE IN SHOW AND TELL TIME AND JOURNAL TIME? While it is possible, my guess is no. Just like our on site preschool program, we have different groups of children in each session. Giving each Zoom class a color/class photo will help children know who they can look forward to seeing in each class.

IF I HAVE MORE THAN ONE CHILD, DO I HAVE TO PAY FOR BOTH? Because the costs are based on materials and to guarantee small Zoom class sizes, yes.

IS THERE FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE AVAILABLE? Yes. New Creation Preschool has provided financial assistance in the form of reduced tuition since 1994. There is a place to request financial assistance on the enrollment application. There is also a place to donate to our Tuition Fund to provide reduced rate/free Preschool at Home for families.

CAN I PICK WHICH MONTHS I WANT TO ENROLL IN OR DO I HAVE TO ENROLL IN THE WHOLE SCHOOL YEAR? Like our in person programing, you are enrolling for the school year rather than choosing certain months. As always, if at any point you would like to cancel your enrollment, notify Ms Kristin.

HOW DO I PAY? Our preferred method is your enrollment in our Automatic Withdrawal Program through our local bank. We have used this service for a few years with no complications. Other options include monthly invoices through PayPal and Venmo. If you prefer to pay by cash or check, Ms Kristin will make arrangements with you.

WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU START OFFERING ON SITE PRESCHOOL IN SPRING? If you are interested in continuing remote programming, you will be able to. If schedule changes are needed, you will be communicated with ahead of time. If you were already enrolled for the 2020-2021 school year you will have the option to move to on site preschool. Tuition and schedule changes will be communicated to you ahead of time.

IS THERE A PENALTY FEE TO DROP OUT? No. Upon request to Ms Kristin, automatic withdrawals and invoices will cease with no penalty fee.

ARE THERE REFUNDS FOR MISSED ZOOM SESSIONS OR UNUSED MATERIALS? We do not offer refunds for missed sessions/unused materials but always invite you to apply for financial assistance at any point. If you find that you are not participating, you can change your Level or discontinue without penalty at any time.

WILL THERE BE BREAKS OR DAYS OFF? Yes. We will (in general) follow our local school district’s calendar which takes breaks for most major holidays. Our calendar will be posted on our website and Facebook page as well as included each Box of the Month.

WILL YOU RUN OUT OF SPOTS? Yes. In order to maintain small Zoom class size, enrollment will close at some point. You are encouraged to enroll as soon as possible.

CAN I USE THIS FOR MY DAY CARE? Short answer: yes! Longer answer: I am in conversation with home child care providers/centers to figure out a plan where I can have weekly one on one Zoom classes for a group. If you are interested, please let me know at newcreationpreschool@gmail.com

WHY DOES IT COST WHAT IT DOES? I have had questions on both ends of the cost spectrum: "Why is it so expensive?" and "Why are you charging so little?" We are trying to find ways to recoup tuition and even with the current prices, anticipate a great loss. We remain passionately committed to our prices not being an obstacle for folks to participate. So, we continue with our practice of inviting all families to request Financial Assistance.

WHAT ARE THE GUIDELINES FOR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE? Simply your request. We believe that income and number of people in the home are not the only factors to consider. Medical bills, lack of insurance, rising costs and debt contribute greatly to a family's inability to pay. Since New Creation Preschool began in 1994, our practice has been finding tuition levels based on need. We recognize that bringing this unconventional view into reality can feel like an awkward dance at first. The simplest way to say it is: in the end, we want your child here and you pay what you can pay.

Thank you for your interest!
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