DDS: Is there demand for this kind of course?
The DDS course is an experiment into a kind of undergraduate teaching that is uncommon at the the University of Edinburgh: project-based, experiential, interdisciplinary. This year is the first time we have run the course, but we are unsure whether it will continue in future. However, if we can provide evidence that students want and appreciate this kind of teaching, we can make an argument that DDS should continue to be made available. You are the only undergraduate students in the University with direct experience of DDS, so your views are incredibly valuable.

You will receive an invitation from the University to complete a Course Survey at the end of semester which will allow you give satisfaction ratings for various aspects of DDS. So why this questionnaire? It's because we would really appreciate more qualitative data about your views and experiences.

All responses will be completely anonymous. However, if you make nice comments, we will definitely want to quote you!
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What do you think is valuable about the approach in DDS?
Are there useful skills or kinds of experience that you gained during DDS that were not available in other courses you have taken?
What did you learn most from your experience of working in a team?
In particular, do you feel that you benefited from other team members' experiences and perspectives? Do you feel like you contributed experience or expertise that other members of the team didn't have?
How would you improve the support given to you by the teaching staff and through the online material, and why?
What advice would you give to another student who is considering taking this course?
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