COVID-19 scientist volunteer opportunity with SpaceX in Los Angeles, CA area
Hello fellow scientists,

The coordination team at the COVID-19 National Scientist Volunteer Database wants to bring to your attention an opportunity to directly help in the fight against COVID-19 in the Los Angeles area.

SpaceX is participating in an IRB-approved Harvard-affiliated COVID-19 serological prospective study and they need additional scientists to join their team of staffers and volunteers.

Because SpaceX is a private company, we are NOT sharing our full database containing your contact information with them. Rather, we are allowing you to opt-in to having your information shared with them by submitting answers to the questions below. These answers will be shared directly with SpaceX and the COVID-19 National Scientist Volunteer Database coordination team as we look to address the growing need for skilled scientists in LA.

Any questions about this opportunity should be sent to Dr. Anil Menon, MD at

--COVID-19 National Scientist Volunteer Database coordination team

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