West Nidaros Master Site Study Update
We have been meeting since last fall and have been working on defining what makes our congregation what it is. We’ve looked at it from many aspects such as ministry areas, our heritage, our strengths, weaknesses and many other angles. We found that in our discussions one thing that keeps coming up was the WN youth and how it is growing and keeps the church full of activities. There are also many mission groups active and expanding or looking to expand. Other areas that needed attention are storage, contemporary worship and usable facility spaces like the Martin Luther room and how it meets or is falling short of current needs. We’ve identified these areas to focus on as we determine a plan for the future. We would like to get feedback to see if our thoughts align with that of the congregation and ask you to mark these aspects in order of importance to you 1 through 5.
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Adding new Sunday school classrooms to the south of the FLC to get students out of the older church classroom area and basement.
Expanding the Health & Wellness Ministry to possibly add a position to assist Pastor with in home visits, bereavement and related tasks for the congregation.
Creating more storage or staging area to collect, sort and store goods and supplies for mission trips and other donation/collection events.
Create or relocate all staff members to appropriate and suitable office spaces.
Develop a commons or gathering area besides the HDR large enough to work with people traffic/flow after church service and to encourage fellowship before, between and after services or offer parents a place to hang out while students attend Sunday school.
If you feel a project(s) was not mentioned above please take this opportunity to let us know in the space below what you’d like us to consider as we move forward in this planning process.
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