JNSHash - Membership Plan
Tier Status: State your tier based on your current JNS holding.

- Coin to be mined on Prohashing.com : Choose your favorite currency from the list shown in Prohashing.com.

- Address Payout: Payment address of the chosen currency on Prohashing.com. Our team strongly advice to pick up a wallet with private keys, not external exchange.

- Backup BTC payment address: In the event one of our pools goes offline please provide a backup BTC address for converted hashpower from coins. BTC will be sent as an alternative to the coin choice when pools become unstable.
It has to be some permanent wallet under their control like a ledger hardwarewallet for example.

- ARDOR Address/ID : Application required to verify proof of holdings. An encrypted/ unencrypted message will be needed ( ex: This is Ascendus from bitcointalk/Slack ). Send message to this ARDOR Address : ARDOR-2MJB-RAZZ-3C8C-D2V6L

*Messaging on Nxt platform : https://www.nxter.org/nxt-core-arbitrary-messages/

-Extra Plan : Participation in any membership plan on Janus ecosystem .

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