Performance Interest Form for the Motley Coffeehouse
Thank you for expressing interest in performing at the Motley! Please fill out the form below and the current music manager will contact you to let you know about open dates. If you have any questions or comments, please email the Music Manager at
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Link to music samples
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Preferred semester for performance (very limited booking available for Spring 2018) *
We don't book any shows over the summer. Booking for the spring semester begins in late December, while booking for the fall begins mid-June. If you submit earlier than these periods for the semester during which you'd like to perform, you will be placed on a first-contact list and the music manager will get in touch with you when booking begins.
Preferred date for performance *
Can be a specific date, month, or general time in the semester (i.e., early Spring 2015).
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Outline of stage setup *
Just to make sure our sound system is able to support your performance - approx. number of microphones needed, etc.
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Potential for sensitive content *
As a business, we are committed to inclusivity and the well-being of all who attend the music performances. Would your set include any content that may be perceived as sensitive (ex: sexual assault, abuse, etc.)? Please explain.
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Desired amount of compensation *
We compenstate all performers (including student artists).
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Preferred email information *
Please include even if we have already exchanged emails.
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Preferred "contact by" date *
Again, booking for the spring begins in early December, while booking for the fall begins in mid-June. If your request falls within the booking period of the semester during which you'd like to perform, we will contact you as soon as possible. However, if it falls outside of the booking period but you need a more immediate answer (booking for tours/non-local bands, etc.), please indicate when you'd like to be contacted.
Month/year of previous performances at the Motley, if applicable?
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