Reflecting on Kindergarten beginnings
Dear Kindergarten Families,

As part of a postgraduate unit of study with the University of Tasmania, I am undertaking an action research inquiry. The action research is being undertaken as a personal project, designed to develop my own teaching practices and contributions to the early childhood team.

The focus for the action research is to invite current Kindergarten parents’ reflections on their child's experience of transition into Kindergarten. Your reflections are invited on what you believe were the most important preparations your current Kindergarten child/ren needed in order to transition smoothly into their Kindergarten year.

Families are also asked if they participated in or were aware of the Explorers - Birth to 5 program. If you attended, you are invited to reflect on how the program connected to your child's transition to Kindergarten. If you did not attend, it would be appreciated if you could share if there were any barriers or reasons for this.

The survey will be available until Monday, 14th September. Your participation is anonymous and non-compulsory.

Thank you for your time.

Andrea Reece
Explorers Early Years Learning Program, Co-ordinator
1. What programs has your child attended before commencing Kindergarten at St Aloysius Catholic College?
2. How often has your child attended these groups? (e.g. child care daily, Explorers once per week, Lil at another school weekly etc)
3. What do you think was most helpful and important in preparing your child before they attended Kindergarten? (you may select more than one option, in no order of priority)
4. If your child attended our College Explorers Birth to 5 program, do you feel that the experience and activities supported your child's transition to Kindergarten?
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5. Would you like to elaborate in relation to Explorers? Is there anything that you would like to see Explorers include or do differently?
6. if you did not attend Explorers, you are invited to contribute your reflections on this? (Did you attend other programs? Were you aware of the program? Did you work on those days?)
7. Was your child able to attend the formal, end of year, Pre-Kinder sessions, in the Kinder classrooms?
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8. Did you find the formal Pre-Kinder sessions useful in preparing your child for Kindergarten?
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9. Before your child started Kinder, what did you believe would best support their transition to Kinder?
10. On reflection, has your perspective changed? What do you think bests assists children to transition into their Kindergarten year?
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