How To Work With Me!
Congratulations on choosing yourself and saying YES to the possibilities! 

The fact that you made it this far speaks volumes on how dedicated you are to your own personal growth, and cresting more peace and alignment in your life! 

This is EXCITING, because the clarity you have within yourself sets the tone for what you see in your reality. 

The fact that you have seen the importance in self care, growth and development means you are here for big things and to live your most incredible life fully in your power!

Please read before applying.
1:1 coaching is the most rapid tool to transformation! 

We will utilise the Spiritual gifts I have grown and fine tuned, incredible modalities, tools and techniques and all of the past learnings I have attained from my own life along with investing over $100,000 into my own personal development.

The modalities I utilise are:
- Holistic Health & Well Being Counselling
- Mind Body
- Heart Resonance Therapy
- Reiki
- Kundalini Reiki
- Mindset 
- Psychic/ Intuition

It is through these and your powerful intention to create change in your own life that you will achieve what you choose to commit yourself to.

I am 100% committed to your transformation and growth and expect the same from you.

As we work together I will ask you to:
- Be honest, play full out and share your full truth with me even the things you don't want to say
- Allow yourself to utilise this container together to its fullest ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT
- Trust in the process and yourself that you can handle whatever is coming up for you and when it comes up as well. 
- Go all in on yourself and your transformation because no one else can do it for you.

Trish Rock Coach/Spiritual Guide
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I am super excited to connect with you please share your AVAILABLE times to get together for our 30 minute complimentary chat with the day and time.  
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