Sensory Friendly Holiday Assessment
This survey aims to determine whether you would find a website that offers a wide range of sensory friendly holiday venues, places and recreational activities useful.
1. Do you holiday:
1a. If applicable please note which mode of transport is most frustrating or difficult to use.
Your answer
2. Do you prefer:
3. If you or your child need accessible facilities in addition to a sensory friendly venue please give details?
Ramp/Wheelchair accessible
Hoist in bathroom and bedroom
Disabled parking
Equipment hire
Other - see 3a
3a. If you have any other accessibility needs please detail them here:
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4. Which type of holiday venue/s do you prefer?
5. To find a venue do you:
6. To book a venue do you:
6a. If you answered "other" to question 6 please give details.
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7. Do you like to leave a review of the place after you return home?
8. Would you find a website that specialises in sensory friendly venues useful?
9. If you are in charge of booking holidays are you a:
Aged between 18 - 24.
Between 25 - 30
31 - 40
41 - 50
51 +
Prefer not to say
Other relative - husband, wife etc
Social worker or other professional
Other - e.g booking for yourself - please give details on 9a
9a. If you answered "other" to question 9 please give details.
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Thank you for answering these questions. Please add any other details you feel might be helpful.
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If you are willing to be contacted/involved or updated on this project please leave your contact details below. NOTE: No personal information will be passed to a third party nor will you be spammed.
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