I want you to love essential oils too!
Believe me, I understand when you say that it's all a bunch of hogwash! I used to think that too until someone basically forced me to try essential oils when I was battling infertility. The short story is that I unknowingly handling my emotions with the oils addressing things like stress, anxiety, anger and insomnia, allowing my body to work more efficiently and eventually becoming pregnant. I'm super sensitive to issues like this, and understand that oils won't work for everyone all the time, but aren't you worth the shot knowing that what you're trying can't harm you? Let's try a few things before I make you a believer. Answer these few questions below and I'll hook you up with some awesome oils, and personally help you have success with them.

(Note: if you currently have a doTERRA wholesale account, you are NOT eligible for free samples at this time. This is for those who have yet to try doTERRA oils and are NOT currently working with another doTERRA representative)

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