Classic Car Club of Hong Kong (1989) Ltd. Membership Application 會籍申請表
Joining Fee 入會費 HK$ 500
Subscription 年費 Jan – Dec 1 至12 月 : HK$ 500
Subscription 年費 Jul – Dec 7 至12 月 : HK$ 250
Please complete the form below and click the Submit button. 請填寫下面的表格並點擊提交按鈕。After your membership has been approved you will receive an email with a link to pay the subscription and joining fee by Credit Card or PayPal. 在您的會員資格獲得批准後,您將收到一封電子郵件,其中包含鏈接,用於通過信用卡或PayPal支付訂閱費和加盟費
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(nb: Most Club notices are sent by e-mail 大部份本會通告均以電郵發出)
Please enter the details of your classic cars below (if any). Note - cars less than 20 years old are not eligible for participation in Club events unless the Club gives an exemption. 少於 20 年車齡的車輛除非獲得本會豁免,否則將不符參加本會活動的資格,例如車展。
Car 1 私家車1:
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Car 1 Model 型號:
Car 1 Year 年份:
Car 1 Colour 顏色:
Car 1 Body Type 類型:
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Car 2 私家車2:
Car 2 Make 廠名:
Car 2 Model 型號:
Car 2 Year 年份:
Car 2 Colour 顏色:
Car 2 Body Type 類型:
Car 2 Licence No.車牌:
Car Photographs - please upload a photo of the front and rear of each car 汽車照片 - 請上傳每輛車前後的照片: *
How did you first hear about the Classic Car Club? 你從何處認識本會? *
Service Quality Statement 服務承諾
The Classic Car Club of Hong Kong prides itself in delivering the highest quality of service. If at any time you feel that the performance of the club, either in terms of the events it organizes, the provision of services, the processing of membership applications or any other activities, fails to meet these high standards, or there are any ideas that you have for improvement, you are welcome to contact the Chairman, Mr. Keith Martin at Suite 3202 Admiralty Centre, Tower 1, 18 Harcourt Rd., Hong Kong. Your complaint or suggestion will be dealt with expeditiously.
一直以來,香港老爺車會均致力向各位提供優質服務;若閣下認為我們的服務、舉辦的活動或會籍申請事宜等仍有不足之處,會長馬田先生非常樂意接受各位的意見,務求令我們的服務水平能精益求精、力臻完美。有關來函請郵寄至香港金鐘夏愨道18 號海富中心第一座3202 室。 我們收到閣下的意見或投訴後,定當迅速處理。
Privacy Statement 提供個人資料聲明
I agree that the information supplied in this membership application is supplied voluntarily and may be used by the Club in conducting its formal business as laid down in the Memorandum and Articles.
Access to Personal Data 索閱個人資料
Any enquiries, access or correction with respect to personal data as provided in this form should be addressed to the following address. 任何查詢、索閱或修改有關此表格中提供的個人資料,請致函下列地址。

P.O. Box 72636, Kowloon Central Post Office 九龍中央郵箱 72636 號

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