ROMY Bike Shirt (35 €)
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Account Holder: Staatsoberkasse Bayern
Name of Bank: Bayerische Landesbank
IBAN: DE 53 700 500 00 00000 24868
Amount: 35 Euro
Reference: BKZ 4200.0322.9467
ROMY bike shirt, size
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Front: with seismograms (red: rotation rate around vertical axis, black: tranverse acceleration, recorded at Wettzell, Germany) of M8.3 Hokkaido earthquake 2003 (Tokachi-Oki). Sleeves with equations from rotational seismology (e.g., analytical double couple solution for curl of wavefield by Cochard et al., 2006). Front zip full length.
Back: ROMY ringlaser (graphics from Science), collaborators, funding bodies, and projects (e.g., ERC, TIDES), etc
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