RETURNING STAFF APPLICATION: St. James Tennis & Sports Camps
The application deadline for returning staff is: February 15 2017.
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First and last name
Email *
Please list the email address you will use for communication during the hiring process, and for daily communication during the summer
Phone number - Cell (or best number) *
Phone number - home (or second number, if applicable)
Home Address: *
Use an address that is permanent. The club may send important documents there, like a T4 tax slip, etc.
First Aid and CPR Certification
St. James Camp Staff require valid standard first aid and cpr "c" certification.
When does your first aid & cpr certification expire? (in part, or in whole)
If unsure, you may follow up by email with the camps director at, or you might need to contact your agency of certification to obtain a new certification card.
Which camps would you prefer working? (select all that apply) *
Please list any relevant coaching or athletic certifications you hold. I.e club pro 1, instructor level certification, etc.
Vacation Requests
Please select any weeks when you will be UNAVAILABLE during the summer. We will do our best to accommodate requests for time off, but requests are not guaranteed. If you have specific AM or PM only availability for any week, please mention this in the "other" section at the bottom of the list.
Staff Training: Do you understand that staff training is mandatory? *
Staff Training will take place on a weekend. This will occur in the weeks leading up to the summer. The exact date and time will not be scheduled until later in the spring. Being excused from staff training requires extenuating circumstances, such as a national or provincial level sporting competition, etc, and you must obtain permission from the camp director.
Additional Work: Are you interested in additional work at the club? If so, specifiy
Additional work might include clubhouse supervision, after school lessons, etc, and might be earlier in the spring (may, june), or later in the fall (september)
Resume & Cover Letter
A cover letter and resume is not required for returning staff. However, if you would like to supply one for any reason, please email it to
Volunteers can be very helpful and can gain valuable experience for future employment. Do you know anyone who might be a suitable volunteer this summer? (looking for community service hours, looking for employment in future years). If you have a great candidate in mind, list them here, along with a brief rationalization. There will be a volunteer application form available on the st james website. Any suitable volunteers should be directed to fill out the application form.
Your wage will be discussed and confirmed prior to the beginning of the camps season. This will take place in person, by phone, or over email. If you would like to inquire, please feel free to email Generally, wages will go up a bit this year due to minimum wage increase in Ontario.
Questions or Comments:
Please write any questions or comments you have about employment or the staffing process.
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