Educate a Legislator Day

Wednesday, September 25th from 8 am to 4 pm

Join us for "Educate a Legislator Day". Many of you have told us you want to learn more about what happens after a bill is introduced in the Ohio Legislature. We thought the best way to do that is to hold an educational training event followed by citizens meeting up with their legislators.

Who: You

What: Educate a Legislator Day

Where: The Sheraton Hotel, 75 East State Street, Columbus, OH

When: September 25th. Registration begins at 8:00

Why: Educate the legislators that are making the decision that are dangerous to our health and environment.

(Like those that bring us SB 33, the anti-protest bill which is one step away from passing the house.)
Citizens participating in free speech and peaceful assembly are the sign of a healthy democracy. It is UN-American for elected officials to pass laws that silence their own constituents. They should be encouraging greater participation in our democracy, not less. SB 33 clearly violates the First Amendment of the Constitution.

If you are interested, please provide the following information.)

*All information provided will not be shared or used for fund raising. It will assist us in setting up meetings with your legislator.
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