Official Reviewer of The Pillow Fort
Quite often, I get asked by various people and/or companies to review their products in a blog post on The Pillow Fort. This is usually a fantastic opportunity for the company, The Pillow Fort and The Pillow Fort audience.
Recently, I've had a lot of book review request (be they printed books or digital books of some sort). Whilst I do read quite a lot, reviewing is not my strength.

Sooo, I'm looking to take on an Official Reviewer of The Pillow Fort!

- Writing reasonable length reviews of books sent to The Pillow Fort as required and within a reasonable time frame (usually around a month after receiving the book - either printed or digital).
- Effectively communicating with me any changes to your health/life that might result in a delay.

Most reviews will be published as blog posts on The Pillow Fort. You will receive full credit for writing the review and be allowed one link to a site of your choice with each review (along with any social media links).

Perks include:
- Access to The Pillow Fort Inner Circle facebook group: home of all past/current Pillow Patrollers, VAs and other people who help with The Pillow Fort.
- Free copies of the magazine (which I'd encourage you to also write for!)
- Anything else I suddenly think of  

*Depending on applications I receive, I might take on 2 Official Reviewers so that I can send you more relevant things/stagger them out*

Application Deadline: Wednesday 10th September, midday GMT

Any questions? Email

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