GATE Testing Request Form 2023-24 School Year
Please complete the following request form to initiate the GATE assessment process for your 5th grade student.  If your child is in a different grade, please contact your school counselor for other testing opportunities. Once this form is completed, your child will be tested at their school site. If your child misses the testing at the school site, we will email you information on testing dates at the district office.  

Things to know:
  • The test is a one-on-one, approximately 30 minute, IQ test with the school psychologist.
  • We cannot provide any information on the test as we do not want the test to be compromised.
  • Acceptance/Regrets letters will be emailed to the address provided on this form.

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If your child is from out of district, please read below "NOTICE FOR OUT OF DISTRICT STUDENTS"
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Please note that our GATE program begins in the 6th grade.
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Please note we will test out of district students for GATE once LVUSD receives the following.

1. LVUSD permit application.
2. LVUSD approved permit. (Decisions from LVUSD will be processed by March 15.)
3. Release from your current school district.
4. Necessary documents to enroll your child into our district.  

Here is a link to our LVUSD Inter-district Incoming Students page:
An elaborate thinker, able to produce embellishments to an idea, situation, or problem and/or asks many questions to determine why or how things happen, what will happen next, or how things work *
An original thinker, able to see relationships among seemingly unrelated objectives, ideas or facts *
Is concerned with right and wrong, good and bad, fair and unfair *
Takes advantage of opportunities to learn; enjoys challenge and tasks which are not routine; is bored by routine tasks *
Is persistent in task completion; may be unwilling to change tasks without completion *
Moves from task to task without regard for completion
Clear selection
Is a leader, role model, trend setter in or out of school *
Has a keen awareness of the group process and may have the ability to manipulate others *
Is a high risk taker; adventurous and willing to deviate from standard procedures, answers, or behaviors; does not fear being different *
Generates a large number of ideas or solutions to problems and questions *
Is creative in finding ways to communicate and express ideas; (e.g., drawing, pantomime, body language, use of concrete objects, or other alternate means may replace limited facility with oral language) *
Displays maturity of judgment and decision-making beyond own age level *
Adapts readily to new situations; is flexible in thought and actions and is not disturbed when normal routine is changed *
Parent Release *
By selecting the "I Agree" checkbox below and submitting this form, you are acknowledging that you have reviewed the "Characteristics of Gifted Students" and are giving permission to Las Virgenes Unified School district to assess your student with a cognitive assessment to be administered by a Licensed LVUSD School Psychologist. The assessment results will NOT be placed in the student's cumulative file.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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