Make Space For Baby
Thank you for creating space to complete this form. Your feedback is precious to me as I write "Make Space For Baby: Your Preconception Guidebook for Preparing Heart, Home & Body". To gather information in support of your journey, the following form includes questions about your conception and pregnancy journey. Your responses are confidential unless you choose to add your phone number and email at the end in response to being contacted for an interview. Thank you again. So much love, Jocelyn XOXO @jocelyngordon1 |
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Pregnancy & Conception
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If Yes, what were/are your next steps? Did you stop your efforts? Did you lean into acupuncture or other holistic methods? Did you invest in fertility treatments? Please share a bit of your fertility journey.
Conscious Conception
If you are trying to conceive, how long have you been trying?
Have you had a Conscious Conception journey?
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If yes, how did you prepare for conception and parenting
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