San Benito Family Survey
End of the year family survey 2017
My child made academic growth this year
My child made social and emotional growth this year.
There is at least one adult on campus that my child likes to talk to or feels supported by.
Teachers and administration communicate with me regarding important information when it comes to my child.
I volunteer regularly on campus.
I am interested in volunteering in our School Garden. Here is my contact: (name & phone or email)
Your answer
I know who to contact regarding my child's absences.
My child talks about events that he/she enjoys at school.
The San Benito Office staff is friendly and welcoming.
My child's homework load was appropriate this year:
What are the things about our school that you are most proud of?
Your answer
San Benito staff is approachable and visible.
In what ways can we improve at San Benito?
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I am an active member of the San Benito PTA
As a parent, I know about events and accomplishments that happen at San Benito.
I prefer to get my information about events and accomplishments that happen at San Benito from:
My child feels safe at school
I am aware of the district and school's core values of respect, integrity, teamwork, and excellence because my child has talked about them or I have been on campus and heard them being talked about.
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